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Oakland Aviation Museum Sponsor Program

You Can Become A Sponsor Today

Oakland Aviation Museum relies on the generosity and support of corporate and individual donors. Your donations—large or small—will help the Museum achieve its mission to educate the public, inspire students, and commemorate those who have contributed to aviation. All donors are valued contributors.Individual and corporate sponsorship is a cornerstone of our ability to support and enhance the Oakland Aviation Museum as we work to inspire and educate the public.

Our donors provide critical funding and services for Museum programs.

Sponsorship opportunities are currently available for a wide-range of projects, including:
• Museum expansion, exhibits, and archival resources.
• Displayed aircraft, or aircraft recovery and restorations.

The Museum Board and Operations Staff are open to new and unique sponsor ideas and opportunities. Contact the museum today to learn more about how you can become an OAM Sponsor.Oakland Aviation Museum, as a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit institution, depend on the generosity of our visitors supporters and sponsors, to which we extend our greatest appreciation.

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